Slave Rides In Princess Park

Princess Amber had made arrangements for the Mean Girls to spend the afternoon together. She wanted to surprise us with something fun, so we literally had NO IDEA what Amber was going to have us do (she is so sneaky!) We even had to keep our eyes shut until the BIG REVEAL!

I could NOT believe what Princess Amber surprised us with…. Slave rides in Princess Park!!!!! All of us girls were SO SURPRISED! We always talked about doing something like this but never actually made plans to do it. All of the girls had an assigned slave, and Princess Lexi even had her boot slave towed behind. We literally rode our slaves through the park and ended up on top of this hill to watch the sunset. The slaves were so well behaved! None of them even complained about being tired carrying us the entire time. (I think they were all secretly in some stupid slave competition hahaha) Then again, they know if they moaned AT ALL that they would get beaten by us.

The sun was hitting us PERFECTLY, which was a great time for us to take photos. We all sat on our slaves and took pictures of each other as the sun went down. Eventually we lost our good lighting and couldn’t take cute pics anymore (so annoying). By that time, we had all worked up an appetite and Amber made us dinner reservations (She is just SO thoughtful). We all raced down on the hill on our slaves and hurried back home so we could go eat a fancy sub funded dinner! It was the PERFECT ending to a perfect day!

Goddess Draya

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