Slow-Mo Ball Busting

Princes Amber asks Princess Mia if she could run camera for her and Skylar to film a ball busting video in SLOW MOTION! The Mean Girls LOVE ball busting! Its just so much fun to make the betas scream in agony while they kick em as hard as they can. Princess Amber and Princess Skylar thought they would film a ball busting movie in slow motion and show it at the Mean Girl movie night for all the girls to watch and laugh at! (Have you ever seen balls smashed in slow motion???? Its SOOOO PAINFUL to watch lmao!). Princess Mia explains that they could not only film this for their movie night, but also SELL IT for profit on the clip stores (WIN WIN!) It's amazing when things just work out so perfectly in our favor hahaha.

Princess Amber and Princess Skylar take turns kicking this loser in the balls BAREFOOT! The girls have several cameras going and talk to Princess Mia throughout to make sure they are getting the BEST angles (that's like SUPER important) The girls get in LOTS of good kicks! Princess Mia does a great job switching between camera angles and replying some of our kicks to really see how much damage they're doing to those balls! After a while they start getting creative and kicking the slave in some unconventional ways hahahaha. It's gonna be such a big hit at our movie night! Ohhh and the slave basically passes out from the severe pain and cant get up, oops!

- Goddess Venus

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