Smell My Revenge Part 1

Miss Chase is continuing her revenge on her co-worker that she HATES for trying to get her fired. Since becoming his boss, she makes him smell the inside of her shoes for 1 hour every week just to humiliate the fuck out of him. She thinks it is the MOST humiliating thing she can do to him, and she LOVES seeing him inhaling the scent of her stinky feet every week. And he hates it. He can't believe that he has to sniff the inside of his female boss's SHOES at work every week now. And she is SO mean to him!

Now they are on a business trip and he thinks he will get a break from this humiliation- but NO! Miss Chase wants to use this opportunity to humiliate him even MORE! She makes sure his room in the hotel is right down the hall from HERS! She texts him to come to her room IMMEDIATELY. She takes off her flats and commands him to sniff the insides of them after she has been wearing them while traveling all day! Her stockings and flats are really stinky- and she LOVES shoving his face inside them and LAUGHING as he is ordered to "SNIFF!!" How humiliating to be ordered to sniff the inside of someone else's shoes!

While doing this to her "subordinate", she informs him that he will be doing this EVERY DAY during their business trip!! And he has to come to her room to sniff her shoes immediately whenever she texts him to! She plans on doing this several times a day! She laughs in his face and commands him to "SNIFF!!!" over and over.