Socks Sniffer in Chastity

*Custom Clip*

Start with boots on. When you take them off you have old, dirty, white socks on underneath. You call the slave at your feet pathetic right to his face over and over. Tell him that he must kiss, smell, and lick your old dirty socks because that is all he deserves. Humiliate him. Call him a "good boy" and laugh in his face as he is made to sniff your dirty socks even though you can tell he doesn't want to. He just is doing it because he will do ANYTHING to please you and be your "good boy". He hates socks, honestly, but is so desparate to make you happy- even though you treat him like dirt and make it very obvious that he doesn't mean anything to you. Belittle him constantly. You have no respect for losers that are so desparate to please you, but you are kind of entertained by seeing what they will do for you- just because you tell them to.

You also keep your slave in chastity just to further his humiliation and make him even MORE obedient and desperate to please you! The longer he goes in chastity, the more & more desperate he becomes to do ANYTHING for you! And you just think its funny. Because you get to have sex all the time and don't even care about the slave locked in chastity. You don't even think about it because the slave means so little to you.

You eventually take the chastity device off the slave- just so you can kick it in the balls a few times and LAUGH in its face about how pathetic it is!! Then you put the device right back on your slave, laugh in its face, shove your old socks into its mouth, then COMMAND it to remain kneeling there ALL DAY, while you go out and have fun. And the slave is just left kneeling there naked like a fool, with your old dirty socks shoved in its mouth, its cock locked up- and it will just stay there all day in a desperate, pathetic attempt to please you. It really has no choice because it is so in love with you- no matter how badly you treat him.

FEATURING: Princess Amber

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