It’s been a few weeks since Amber and I have seen our new lezbo play thing! Just when I thought she had bitched out from serving us, the lezbo finally shows up on our front porch with a hand full of cash. When I asked this ugly whore where she’d been hiding for so long, she claimed she was “out of town” for a stupid spelling bee! (I honestly doubt this slut can even spell her own name) Amber and I obviously mock her for being a fcking nerd and tell her to spell words while worshiping our feet.

The fact that she didn’t know how to spell “perfection” as A-L-E-X-A-N_D-R-I-A only confirmed my suspicion of her overall intelligence. (I mean how can you look at me and NOT spell perfection) She’s honestly just jealous of how hot Amber and I are and probably misspelled it on purpose (she’s SUCH AN UGLY TROLL) But whatever, I could care less of her opinions as long as she keeps bringing us CASH! LOL