Step-son Gets Stepped On

None of your step-siblings like me very much, except for you. I married your millionaire dad right before he "checked out" and now I got EVERYTHING- and you and your siblings get nothing HAHA. There is nothing left for your family of losers, and really there is nothing you can do about it. But you (for some unknown reason?) are the only family member to take MY side, I wonder why? Is it my feet? I always cought you staring at them every time I dangled my shoe from the tip of my toe during our family gatherings. Did you seriously help me steal your family fortune just to worship my feet! The feet of your stepmother?? You’re sick in the head’s okay. Here, you have my permission to bow down at my feet and kiss them. Pledge your complete loyalty to me- and my gorgeous FEET. It's the only thing you’re getting from this estate, so you better enjoy it!