Strawberry Sucker

Lexi Chase and I have been conditioning one of Our slaves, "Strawberry" to become our personal money-making slut! This time we decided to take things to the next level and set up ACTUAL clients for our bimbo at some hotel. Strawberry has never been whored out before and would have been too nervous to go through with it, had we told her our plan! LOL  

Lexi and I start off by covering the sluts entire face, leaving only an opening for the mouth. We told her that anything else is just distracting when you suck cock for real, and this is ALL just for “practice”. Then Lexi and I take turns shoving a dildo down strawberries throat…. (We plan on splitting the proceeds from this whore 50-50 between the 2 of Us! haha)

We are getting this whore nice and ready for what’s yet to "cum"! Every now and then we slip up and talk each other about the clients we have already lined up, leaving this ugly slut like tooootally panicked hahaha.

We decided it’d be best if we can just keep her mouth propped open with a mouth piece (preventing any cock denial! LOL) Its not long before we’ve got this bitch literally tied to this cheap hotel bed- ready to be used!

At this point we Mean Girls inform the slut the we’ve actually got SEVERAL clients lined up tonight!  But too bad, so sad...there’s nothing she can do about it now except sit there and TAKE it for us!  hahahahaha

When her first client arrives, strawberry is terrified and tries to squirm out of those restraints (without ANY, too bad LOL). We tell the client he can do WHATEVER he wants with "it" and to just text us when he's done so we can let in the next customer!  Hahahaha

OMG we are gonna make SOOO much $$$ off of this slut!!  Lexi and I decide to go do some promotion online to really generate as many customers amd make as much income as we can off this slut!  After all, it is OURS now!  We don't care if it has to suck off like 200 customers in a long as WE are making $$$!!!  YAY!!!

-Princess Amber

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