Supporting The Sorority Queen

As a college student, Miss Lexi Chase has inquired quite a bit of expenses. (Not to worry though, she has an old loser supporting her through it) Unfortunately for this old dusty beta, the expenses are getting so high that it can’t even afford its heart medication any longer (BOO HOO!)

Miss Lexi Chase only visits this loser when she needs something from it, like more money or a place to fuck her hot alpha boyfriend! Which is why she shows up unannounced to its new apartment. Miss Lexi Chase thinks this apartment is too nice for this beta and decides it will be HER new apartment where her and her boyfriends can fool around. She has a sorority house that she lives in but really wants a space that’s more private.

The stupid beta complains that he cannot afford to give her ANYMORE money and thinks that Miss Lexi Chase would never make it homeless. (LOL as if she fcking cares about this idiot) Lexi makes it PERFECTLY CLEAR that she could care less about it and where tf it lives!!! She puts this loser in its place and beats it down into total submission. This loser has truly given up any bit of dignity and begs to lick the bottoms of her shoes. Lexi Chase knows that being hot can get her ANYTHING she wants, and she makes sure to tell this loser all of her intentions!

- Princess Amber

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