Survivors Get to Worship

This clip was fun AF.  Its basically a hodgepodge of slave abuse lol.  I have just finished abusing the fuck out of this slave by basically kicking its balls up into its throat all day in some previous clips.  So as its "reward" I tell the loser to lay down and that I will now allow him to worship my feet.  And he is just enthralled at the opportunity.

This slave is just SO "in love" with me.  But it literally means NOTHING to me.  It must be so hard to be a slave.  I mean, the girls that you are "in love" with just walk all over you and basically abuse you.  And that is exactly what I did to the slave in this clip.  But no matter how badly I treat it, it still seems to be in love with me.  LOL

I walk all over it (literally) in both my stiletto heels and my bare feet.  I stand on its throat full-weight and laugh as it struggles to breathe underneath me.  I eventually allow the loser me to worship my feet- after they have been sweating inside of my boots all day.  Of course, the loser is grateful just to lick the sweat off my pathetic. 

I shove my feet DEEP into its mouth...literally shoving my foot down its throat until it gags-while I laugh.  I even kick the loser in the balls a few more times WHILE I am standing on it!  

This slave is so in love with me...I can do anything I want to it.  And in this video, I pretty much do!  How much do YOU wish that YOU were this loser??


-Princess Amber