Sweaty Ass Wipe Gets Punished

Princess Amber and Princess Skylar just got done with their scissoring workout and got SUPER SWEATY! That’s why they decided to sit on this readily available beta to suck the sweat from their gym close. Princess Amber complains about how sweaty her ass is and lets the sweat drip down her shorts and onto the face of this slave.

The Mean Girls talk about interval training and how you can’t just STOP exercising immediately, you have to do a cool down to slowly lower your heart rate. So Amber and Skylar multi-task by bouncing up and down and this loser's face to cool down AND the sweat drips down faster off of their sweaty asses. They even take the time to stretch their perfect hot bodies! (They’re like so healthy!)

At some point during their cool down, Princess Amber and Princess Skylar notice that this loser got their clothes DIRTY!!!!!!! Like it literally got a stain on our workout bottoms and now it HAS to clean them! The Mean girls drag this loser into the laundry room and explain how to clean their clothes properly! This is SUCH an inconvenience and is counterproductive (like getting their heart rates back up from anger after they were trying to relax.

It ruined out clothes and is fcking stupid!) The girls are literally so fed up with its incompetence that decide to use its head as a scrub and leave “it” on a rinse cycle in the sink.

- Miss Lexi Chase

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