Trample Training

***This is being written by the new "clip description slave" that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls' clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

The slave is getting better and better at trampling but he still needs more training in certain areas. One area he needs improvement in is taking it on his thighs. So Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley are going to make him better at it by trampling him more and more directly on his thighs. They don’t care whether he likes it or not. They will train the slave to be trampled the way they want to trample him and he just doesn’t have a choice. The Goddesses stand with all their weight balanced directly on the slave’s thighs and you can tell it’s extremely painful as it causes the slave to cry out in pain. The Goddesses don’t want to hear his crying and whimpering so an additional part of his training will be learning how to keep completely silent. The slave struggles to keep quite but Goddess Nina has a remedy for that. The more sound the slave makes the deeper she digs her heels in. One final area of training is remaining completely still. This is super important because if a slave moves while being trampled a Goddess might fall off the slave and get hurt. The last time that happened the slave never made it out of Mean Girl Manor alive.

Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley are really good at trample training. The slave is being trained to take their full weight anywhere on his body as much as they want and as long as they want. Basically he is being trained to be a human floor mat as he is not allowed to make any sound or move when being trampled. Overall, on a "slave scale" of 1-10, I give it a "8.5."

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