Alex and I have completely taken over the losers at our school (staff & students alike! lol) just by being so freaking hot. We’re honestly so cruel together, playing silly schoolgirl games like “who can be the cruelest to the nerds” which is one of favorites!

We’re hanging out together at home when I find out that this pathetic boy that’s been serving us isn't able to come over today and wait on us hand & foot.

Amazingly, the dumb loser apparently has a “girlfriend”- and sent her over to serve us in his place! (I mean it’s the LEAST he can do for NOT showing up!)

When his fugly little GF showed up, she had NO IDEA how poorly we treat her simp boyfriend.  When we asked if she was actually attracted to that nerd boyfriend of hers, she explained that she isn’t, but he is "THE BEST that she can do"! HAHAHAHA HOW FUCKING PATHETIC!

Not wanting to waste ANYMORE time getting to “know” this slut, we command her to lay on her back so we can put her in her place and literally WALK ALL OVER HER.  She deserves to be treated as badly as we treat her ugly nerd boyfriend.

This girl was sooooo small and scrawny that there wasn’t much to trample over, but we made sure to stomp on every inch of her gross body and even gagged her with our feet til she cried! Alex even KICKED HER IN THE CROTCH SUPER HARD!! LOL

Despite her groaning with pain, Alex and I really wanted to “break her in” and really put her in her place. If we would have known that loser had a girlfriend for us to fuck with, we would have done this SOOOO much sooner. But now that we have her, we’re not letting her off the hook so easily!


-Princess Amber