Useless Slave Boot Licking *BTS*

This pathetic loser flew in from Germany to come serve us...saying it would take ALLLLLLLL the abuse we would give it.

The very first clip we did it bitched out and made up all these excuses. We trampled it in Converse and then put on heels BECAUSE it said we could trample it in spikey heels. 

It IMMEDIATELY turned into a giant pussy and all of a sudden couldn't have any marks because it had to go to a religous retreat the next day.... LOL!

As it was leaving, because we were not wasting another fucking minute with it, it got on its knees and begged to be able to lick my everyday boots clean before it left. Normally I would have said you don't deserve it, but my boots were really freakin dirty LOL! At least it did something useful for me.

Stay tuned for the full clip soon...

-Goddess Platinum