Walking All Over Euro-Trash

We decide it would be fun to literally walk all over this loser after we took all his $$$ and what little "dignity" he had left. So we drag him outside, use him as our human ashtray, spit on him, burn his back with our lit cigarettes and proceed to stomp all over him in our stilettos!

Poor loser is suffering like sooo bad underneath us...but we just think its funny, and remind him of what human garbage he is to us. Why does he put up with it? Because we are fucking HOT, that's why!!

And because he says we are WAY better than any stupid "paid session" with some stupid ugly old dominatrix that like takes it easy on him n stuff. We REALLY want to hurt him and we really ENJOY it!  And I guess it's pretty obvious we don't care about him LOL.  But for freaks like this, that probably makes him want to serve us and give us all his money even MORE!  LOL

We really do think its fucking funny to hurt him just to see how much he will take for us!


-Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel