We All Know You Are A Sissy!


The video opens with a close-up of Princess Jennifer's beautiful face. She explains that even though I think I've been really good at hiding my secret sissy fetish, I'm not as sneaky as I think. She tells me how obvious I am, and that everyone knows that I dress up in women's underwear, and that I have a really small dick. They know that I hump blow-up dolls because I can't ever get a real woman with that tiny thing, and that I eat my own cum.

In fact, women are laughing at me behind my back, talking about how much of a sissy-boy I really am. My secret is out ... there's no point denying it any longer, and Princess Jennifer thinks it's adorable that I've been trying to act like a real man, when it's clear to everyone that I'm not a man at all. I might as well get "SISSY" tattooed onto my forehead.

But just in case there was someone out there that hadn't heard, Jennifer wants to make it plain for EVERYONE that I'm total sissy loser, so she hands me a pair of panties and a bra. She also hands me a dildo to put in my mouth, and takes a black sharpie and writes "SISSY" on my forehead. Then she tells me to give her my phone, and she starts taking pictures of me (with my phone). Since the phone is still logged into my facebook account, she can upload the pictures to my profile with a push of a button. With an evil grin, she explains that I must jerk my little dick for her now, but if I cum at the end of her cum-countdown, then she will push the send button and upload all those pictures to my facebook. So it's really up to me... If I jerk my cock and cum then she will expose me. Of course, I can't control myself in the presence of such a gorgeous Goddess, so at the end of her countdown I make a huge mess in those panties. She laughs, presses send and then leaves me drained and humiliated on the floor, taking my phone with her so I can't delete the pictures before people see them.

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