Weak For These Feet


This evil villain Goddess has taken everything from the locals and enslaved all the men that live for miles and miles. All these stupid men think they can overpower this evil Goddess but they don’t realize she has magical powers in her feet... until it’s too late.

Every male that tries to break into the Goddess’s castle gets instantly captured and brought before the Goddess that sits upon her throne. Once all these ignorant males kneel before the Goddess and her throne they are force to stare at and then smell her magical feet. Once they have one sniff of those powerful feet they are consumed by their magical powers and the males instantly devote their life to the evil Goddess. 

With these magical feet, evil Goddess has captured hundreds of males within a very short time. These dumb males have no idea that beyond being captured and enslaved to this Evil Goddess they have an even more grim future that lays ahead... she will soon be making her new throne room floor with all these useless males. She will not k*ll them but instead they will be alive and forever encased in her floor to be walked upon for the remainder of days. Hahaha 

This evil Goddess gives these males just a taste of what is to come.