Weighing You Down

Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel have the slave's balls tied up with string in a manner that allows them to hang fishing weights from his balls! The weights come in various sizes so they can keep adding more and more weight from a few ounces to a few pounds. Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel take turns hanging weights from the slave’s balls. They make the slave thank them each time they hang another weight from his balls and make him kiss their feet in gratitude. They make the slave crawl around on his knees so the weights hanging from his balls will swing back and forth. Not satisfied with that they make the slave shake his butt from side to side so the weights swing around even more. No matter how much weight they add the slave has to keep the weights from resting on the ground. When they have added like 15lbs the slave is unable to stand up because he can’t lift the weight so he is handcuffed overhead and forced to remain in a standing position with the heavy weights hanging from his balls until they decide to let him go.

Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel don’t care at all about the slave’s balls and enjoy mocking his pain. “Aww, do your balls hurt? Do you want us to take the weights off? Well too bad I don’t think the weights are heavy enough! I think we should put another one on him! How about this big one that weighs three pounds?? After all, Our goal is to see if we can rip his balls off!”