Whipped For An Attempted Escape

This slave has been kept in chastity for so long now, it has lost count of the WEEKS that it has been locked up. It has finally broken. In a desperate attempt at freedom, it has stolen a pair of car keys and starts backing out of the garage. It is still naked, wearing nothing but its cock cage, as that is how it is kept 24/7 now. Its goal is to drive straight to a hospital where it can hopefully have the chastity device surgically removed. The slave doesn't care how embarassing it will be...it is so harny it just wants OUT at ANY cost!!

Unfortunately, Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber have gotten wind of his plan. As he backs out of the driveway- the ominous leather boots of Goddess Platinum and Princess Amber appear in his rear-view backup camera. Its pathetic attempt at freedom is over before it even began. The slave is practically shaking with fear as the dreaded tap on the window comes from Goddess Platinum's perfectly manicured fingernail. "Where do you think you're going, slave??"....

The slave is literally shaking, sobbing in tears, and begging for mercy, as it is uncerimoniously dragged from its "escape vehicle". its life is over now. Soon, it is literally strung up from the ceiling in the garage it planned its pitiful "escape" attempt from. Platinum and Amber plan on teaching it a lesson it will never forget... Let's just say that by the end of this "lesson", the slave is literally BEGGING to be kept in chastity for "as long as Goddess and Princess want"! Haha!! It is amazing what dangling a slave from the ceiling and whipping it to shreds will do for changing its attitude!