Whipped By The Office Girls

I called you in here because the meeting is about to start in the conference room. You are the last male to work at this company and honestly, I can't WAIT to get rid of you. So I am going to basically make your life a living hell until you quit! I'm totally serious. And you are even going to help me pick out the WHIPS that me and the other women that work here at the office are going to use to BEAT you with today at our staff meeting. I figure it will increase the FEMAL workers' morale (which is all that matters) AND make you suffer and become so degraded that you literally cry and quit like a little bitch, haha!

The top sales girl gets to use the cane on you because that is the most painful and you will probabbly bleed- haha! Also this beating will be happening QUARTERLY. So even if you survive todays whipping, you can look forward to the hateful sneers of every girl here until next quarter. Everyday they will just be planning behind your back about how they will whip you in the conference room next time. Escpecially because I am giving a BONUS to the girl that makes you cry the most!

-Boss Nikkole

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