Women Taking Over

In a major scientific advancement led by a team of all-female scientists, the most beautiful women in the world have been selected to grow to over 100 feet high.  They are now taking the "#me too" movement to new heights.  They are walking around through cities throughout the country, and literally CRUUUSHING any man that refuse to bow down to them, kiss their feet, and apologize for males' past transgressions against women.  

 You are one of those men, and now find yourself staring up at the beautiful Amazon Goddess Amber.  What will she decide to do to you?  Will she callously squash you under her shoe?  

 What if you completely debase yourself, sacrificing your "manhood" right here in the middle of the street, and try to beg as hard as hard as you can for your life?  Will she let you live...or will she STILL squash you anyway after watching you grovel at her feet just for her amusement?  She seems to like the feeling of having a full-grown male's body "popping" underneath her shoe...guess you will just need to watch the clip to find out?