Worship Strokes

I know you can't stop touching your dick. And I love it. I want you to stroke it for me. I'm going to show you how to stroke it for your Goddess. I want you so nice and hard for me. C'mon, you tiny-dick loser, get that little thing twitching for me. Play with your balls. Squeeze them. Build up the cum in those balls. Stroke it a little harder for me. Give me some worship strokes. I'm going to control that cock and that orgasm with my sweet tease and denial instructions. I'm going to drive you wild with my perfectly smooth, soft silky body and my sweet words of encouragement. Picture some hot girl's lips around your cock. Dream on, loser! No one would ever suck on that little thing. You're a lonely stroker. You're the only one who touches that dick. You know it's true and you can't stop. You have no life. Your only life is listening to me, being teased by me, thinking about me all day and having me control your little cock. I'm going to have so much fun instructing you in this clip. I love making losers stroke for me. I love building you up because the more I make you jerk for me, the more I own and control your mind. Do you want to cum for me? Beg me then, loser. Beg like an idiot as you jerk it faster and faster. Maybe I'll let you. Maybe I'll deny you.... I might just want to leave you hard and pathetic. Then you'll have to think of me all day long.