You WILL Stand For Spiked Ballbusting!

I am sitting on my throne at the New Mean Girl Manor, just admiring myself and soaking up how good I have my feet make losers drool and give me whatever I want...and just relaxing from a hard day of beating slaves for my profit.

I'm actually kind of tired, but I still want to cause some trauma to a loser's balls...  What is a Goddess to do?  I know!  I command my fatso slave to crawl over to me as I remain relaxing on my throne, and then I command him to literally "stand and present his balls to me for kicking!"   That way I can kick his balls in with just a simple flick of my kicking leg- without even uncrossing my legs if I feel like it!  SOO easy!

AND I am wearing my new SPIKE-COVERED ankle boots to make it even EASIER to cause pain to my slave!  Its so good to be The Goddess...


-Goddess Platinum