Goddess Suvana

I am by far the HOTTEST girl any of you losers could EVER worship!  And I DO deserve to be worshipped!!  Ever since I discovered this "femdom" stuff I realized it is like totally my calling!  I was BORN to be worshipped and served by PEASANTS like you!  So drop to your knees and start groveling- and WORSHIP Me, loser!!  You know being my SLAVE and serving ME is better than anything else you could accomplish in your own pathetic life.  And if you want me to take you seriously about being my slave, then go to My WISHLIST and spoil me FIRST, loser!  There is nothing I hate more than getting some stupid EMPTY email from some peasant telling me how "perfect" I am and how much they "worship" me- but yet they haven't even sent me sh*t.  Really?  You expect me to believe your empty words - telling me things I already know about how great I am - when I have REAL slaves sending me REAL GIFTS AND TRIBUTES every day?  I don't think so, peasant...if you want my time and attention you need to put your money where your mouth is and SHOW your devotion and worship.  Not tell me about it.

-Goddess Suvana