Bring Down The Giant

Today we have a special ballbusting compilation clip. Princess Carmela, Empress Jennifer, Goddess Savana, Queen Kasey, Goddess Raven and Princess Cindi have all agreed to a "kick in" their favorite clips of beating on this loser's balls. This is one of our favorite slaves.  To look at him you would like he was like some military general or something.  A tall, distinguished looking old man- not your typical creep we get in here. Well that's why it was sooo much fucking fun to take him down!  But let's face it- every male is turned into a loser SLAVE by US and ends up groveling at Our feet!  And the bigger they are, the harder they fall.  


***We also put in a lot of slow-motion replays so you can get an EXTRA good look at the damage we did to it's balls haha! Oh and we only took the best parts of each or our clips- so it is 7:30 of just pure kicking this giant losers nuts up into his throat!***