How Do I Get To Be A Slave In Your Videos??

First of all, most slaves are full of it when they talk about coming to be in Our clips, and they have no REAL plans to be in Our videos.  Or they live 1000s of miles away, barely speak english, and are just fantasizing about serving us "someday".

If this is the case with you- DO NOT BOTHER US!

However, if you really DO want to grovel at Our feet and/or be beaten by us- then the FIRST step is to JOIN OUR SITE!!! 

Then go fill out Our Slave Application Form HERE:

You cannot fill out the form unless you are a paid member of Our site.  (Seriously, if you aren't even a paid member of Our site, how the FUCK do you expect us to take you seriously???) If you cannot afford the $19 membership in order to do this, then you obviously cannot even afford gas to drive here.  So stop wasting Our time.

Oh and lastly, most of Our shoots are in Las Vegas now.  So you will also need to be able to travel here if you want to be used and abused by us.  You will also need to PROVE TO US that you will show up. 

Princess Amber handles all filming slave coordination.  She will personally contact you directly once you have followed orders and provided the info we require. 

And being in our videos is the first step to serving Us in real life.  If you are not willing to prove yourself at a shoot, than you are obviously not willing to do what it takes to be a slave in real life for any of Us.

All filming slaves get a free year-long membership to Our site and digital copies of their clips before they are ever released online.

If you have any questions at this point...JOIN OUR SITE before asking them!!!