How Do I Get To Be A Slave In Your Videos??

First of all, most slaves are full of it when they talk about coming to be in Our clips, and they have no REAL plans to be in Our videos.  Or they live 1000s of miles away, barely speak english, and are just fantasizing about serving us "someday".  If this is the case with you- DO NOT BOTHER US!

That being said, we now ONLY allow new slaves to film with us- if they PAY us for it.  And we mean like a LOT.  Otherwise, we already have MORE than enough slaves to "kiss our feet" etc in our videos LOL.  If that is all you have to offer- sorry loser.  And if you can't afford to do that- then do not bother us, and instead go look for girls as hot as US to worship & serve on craigslist or something.  (Good luck with that! LOL)  THIS IS TO KEEP US FROM HAVING OUR TIME WASTED WITH BULLSHITTTERS.  Once you come here a few times, your "status" as a slave may change- ONCE WE KNOW YOU ARE LEGIT, OBEDIENT, AND USEFUL!!!  (Most "slaves" are none of those things.)

Now, if you DO want to pay us to grovel at Our feet and/or be beaten by us- then the FIRST step is to JOIN OUR SITE!!!  (DUH!)  Send us your username, what you are willing to do for us, how much you are willing to PAY to worship & serve Us etc...or else we will not even bother to respond.  And if you can't even join Our site then you are definitely not worth Our time (Seriously, if you aren't even a paid member of Our site, how the FUCK do you expect us to take you seriously???)

Oh and lastly, most of Our shoots are in Las Vegas now.  So you will also need to be able to travel here if you want to be used and abused by us.