What Kind Of Filming Slaves Do You Need?

We want PAIN SLAVES!  That means you get BEATEN.  You get KICKED IN THE BALLS.  You get TRAMPLED IN HEELS.  You can wear a mask for this if you need to.   But We will want to HURT you for OUR profit! 

There are other options for non-pain slaves, but you will need to contribute financially to our shoot in order to be invited.

If you just want to be "humiliated" then you can NOT wear a mask for this!!  You can NOT "humiliate" someone who is anonymous behind a mask!  (We get asked this a lot and it grows tiresome explaining to you stupid slaves that you cannot "humiliate" someone in a mask!!)

If you are willing to meet the requirements above, fill out Our Slave Application Form HERE (do not forget to include: location, availability, interests, limits, if you need a mask, and your Username for Our site!)