What Kind Of Filming Slaves Do You Need?

We want PAIN SLAVES!  That means you get BEATEN with whatever We want.  You get KICKED IN THE BALLS.  You get TRAMPLED IN HEELS.  You can wear a mask for this if you absolutely have to.  (Although We would prefer that you didn't.)   But We will want to HURT you!  

And to make sure you don't waste Our time, there WILL be a deposit required before you are scheduled.  If you take ALL Our abuse, you get your deposit $$$ back!  If you don't- We keep it.  (We are usually pretty fair about this.)

But one thing We do NOT need is more "footworship slaves"!!  Do you really think we need YOU to kiss our feet??  We can get ANYONE to do this!  Even non-"submissive" guys.  LOL.  BUUUT if you still REALLY want to kiss Our feet you will need to PAY for it!  (In other words, you will send a deposit and you will be in a video, but you will NOT get your deposit back!  PLUS you will need to bring more $ with you as a tribute in an amount of OUR choosing.)  Masks are NOT ok for this unless you pay Us MORE to let you wear one. 

If you want other fetishes that YOU are into- you will need to pay for them!  In other words, We are not here to fulfill YOUR fetishes for free, loser.  You want to be fucked up the ass with a strap-on?  The closest We will come to that is ramming a "fuckstick" (basically a modified broomstick) up your ass for Our videos.  And you will have to pay for that too.  LOL.  

You want to be "humiliated"?- then you can NOT wear a mask for this!!  You can NOT "humiliate" someone who is anonymous behind a mask!  (We get asked this a lot and it grows tiresome explaining to you stupid slaves that you cannot "humiliate" someone in a mask!!)

And lastly, we do not need crossdressers.

Hopefully that answers most of your questions before you write to Us about stuff We dont need.  Bottom line, if it is something that will make a GREAT video for US- it is free for you.  If it is something that YOU want and basically no one else will pay to watch it- then you will need to pay for that.  Clear enough?  

So if u want to stand there and let us kick u in the balls as hard as we want= FREE.   You want to wear a mask while u kiss our feet or have us walk on you in our bare feet without our stilettos on (booooring!) then u will need to PAY for that.  Make sense?  Good video = free for you.  Sh*tty video that YOU will like having done TO YOU but nobody else will care to watch = you need to pay.  In general, pain slaves are free and can wear masks.  Worship & humiliation slaves that DON'T need masks are free.  Any NON-pain slaves that DO need a mask = need to pay to be in videos.

<Sigh...> Hopefully that is clear!