Mean Girls

Empress Jennifer
My FAV thing to do to slaves is by far kicking em in the nuts.  Followed closely by standi
Princess Jeanie
My FAVORITE part of being a Mean Girl is just simply being allowed to beat the F*CK out of
Miss Mischa
My favorite "fetish" is facesitting.  Using a slave's face to sit on.  And knowing that th
Princess Tiffani
Hey this is Princess Tiffani.  And Me and Miss Veronica want slaves of our own!  And my fa
Miss Veronica
Me n Princess Tiff are besties in real life and we LOVE abusing slaves!! We think it is HI
Princess Sierra
Aunt Kasey invited me to come over to abuse slaves one day and I couldn't believe it.  It
Queen Kasey
I am Goddess Randi's Mom and have fun helping her abuse her slaves and keep them in line!
Goddess Randi
I absolutely LOVE torturing, abusing, and USING slaves to My advantage.  If you want someo