3 Generations Of Chastity

Princess Hannah has taken over her step-fam. Her step brother Alexa and her step father are worshiping her feet before she goes out on a date tonight. She has locked them BOTH in chastity and gets to do WHATEVER she wants… things are really going well for Princess Hannah. And why shouldn’t everything go her way, she is YOUNG & HOT!!! She has demanded that her step-father get ANOTHER job so that they can afford a maid. Her step-father is “too proud” to apply to a lowly job like being a fry cook or whatever, which only makes Princess Hannah FURIOUS!!!! In order to get her way…. Princess Hannah reveals another loser she has locked up in chastity. THATS RIGHT, Princess Hannahn has not only locked up and enslaved her step-brother and step-father, but her STEP-GRANDPA too! Thats THREE GENERATIONS of betas all locked up by the Mean 18 year old Princesss Hannah! In order to motivate her LAZY and pathetic step-family…. Princess Hannah starts WHIPPING her step-grandpa in front of her step-brother and step-father. Step-grandpas poor little heart cannot take too much whipping, but Princess Hannah couldn’t care less… Hannah decides to whip her step-grandpa until the other locked up losers get a fcking job. Hopefully they find something before old step-grandpa croaks !

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