Broken Over And Over

Empress Jennifer is running the camera for this clip

I get my turn running the camera and I cant help but taunt this slave from behind the camera while Princess Cindi and Princess Beverly take turns whipping this new slave. They whipped him until he quits but that was just like 4 minutes into it because they went heavy and rapid fire on him, haha! Soooo what could we do but get him to beg for more, right? He cant quit YET! Otherwise our video will SUCK! :( So We kept getting this slave to break over and over and over- each time I bet he thought he was going to lose his skin from those whips, haha! I even cheated a little and jumped out from behind the camera :) All the slaves fear me because they know I can cause a ton of pain- and I love that fear. I feed on it. So I finished him off for good at about the 8 minute mark and sent him home with a locked steel chastity cage on for good measure! (So we KNOW he will come running back the next time we want to use him - whether he wants to be beaten some more or not - if he wants to ever get that thing off his cock! LOL!)

-Empress Jennifer

*This slave really does break over and over and beg for mercy. Mercy which doesnt come until we are done with him! It was his first time coming to Mean Girl Manor and he said he wanted to be Our pain slavebut maybe he couldnt handle as much as he thought?? LOL

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