Princess Cindi

I know I'm hot and I DESERVE to be spoiled for it!  Guys have always bent over backwards for me- even in school.  And now that I know about "femdom", I FIRMLY believe that losers like YOU were put on this earth soley for the purpose of SERVING ME and making MY life awesome!  Don't you think it's a little weird that you WANT to be used by me so bad??  LOL.  Well its because that is what you were BORN for, loser!  So just give up, bow down, and SERVE ME. 

Oh, and my fav thing to do to slaves is by far kicking them in the balls.  I think its fucking hilarious.  Followed closely by whipping them to shreds.  That one has been growing on me lately...  Basically, just anything that is SUPER easy for ME- and extremely PAINFUL for the slave.  LOL