Butt Smother Brat Princess Style

Princess Ava And I have been spending a lot of time together while she visits the Mean Girl Manor. Since her arrival, this one particular pathetic excuse of a slave has been DESPERATE to “hang out” with us. (As if we would EVER wanna do that, GROSS!) Hot girls don’t wanna hang out with losers unless they are getting SOMETHING out of it. Being the Mean Girls that we are…. We decided to have a little fun with that loser and decide to “let it hang with us” LOL. This fcking idiot TOTALLY falls for it and believes us when we tell it the good news hahahaha.

We know how easy it is to manipulate this loser, so we tell it to try on these girly pajamas we found cause we wanna see how it looks on a “model” LAMO. It’s a little reluctant, but it knows that if it DOESN’T do what we say then it may NEVER get this opportunity again! Princess Ava and I decide to have a little more fun with this loser and take turns smothering and smashing its face with our asses! Hahahahaha.

It keeps “tapping out” as if it THINKS we will let it have a break for air?!?!?! What a MORON! Obviously, we IGNORE this idiots signals for us to get off. Doesn’t this loser know that its NOT about its needs or wants? This is about two hot girls having fun and using a slave for our OWN AMUSEMENT! Like what is so hard to understand about that??? Besides, we are basically doing it a FAVOR by crushing its face with our perfect asses. Like what idiot would complain about that? Its funny because the MORE this loser struggles, the MORE mean we get!

We sit on its face and take pictures and videos for our twitter and fan pages. Its SUPER important to make content, and smother a betas face makes us. TON of money! But eventually, we get bored and think of something better to do… leaving this loser destroyed and HUMILIATED! Hahaha

- Princess Amber

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