Princess Ava

I am not only a "Brat Princess", but also a true "Mean Girl" now.  And yes, I know how hot I am so you don't need to tell me.  Just send me money and gifts, loser.  Here's my wishlist so you can get to shopping for me:  MY WISHLIST

What will you get in return?  Probably a kick in the balls LOL.  That's like my favorite thing to do to losers.  Its funny to watch them roll on the ground on the floor after you kick them REALLY hard.  Its hilarious.  And plus, I feel like I am doing my part to keep stupid beta losers from ever reproducing haha.

Oh and if you just wanna like send me money, my CashApp is: $BratAva

So PAY me, bitch.  Its probably the only thing you're good for anyway.  And you know there's no way a girl as hot as me would ever talk to you anyways unless you are PAYING me!!!