Caged Entertainment

Princess Amber has a slave locked in a cage, scared & surrounded by hot pretty MEAN girls! Princess Amber is teaching Princess Hannah and Goddess Nyomi about ball shocking, not because it’s “hard” to do… but to entertain her guests. Princess Amber loves inflicting pain on losers with the press of a button. It’s so easy and so satisfying… especially when they scream and beg in AGONY! Goddess Nyomi and Princess Hannah are amazed at this concept…. Like why haven’t they been doing this all along! Hahaha

The girls are eager for their turn to shock this losers balls, and they make it known how badly they want to hurt this beta (just for the fun of it) Ball shocking is very fun for a Mean Girl, especially when she makes it SLOW and PAINFUL. Shocking its balls over and over again at the same level, letting it THINK that’s as bad as it will get… only to turn it up and start the painful process all over again! Princess Alexandria finds the other Mean girls and now wants in on the fun.

This beta is fucked! Between the taunting, verbal abuse and intense ball shocks, I’m not sure what’s most painful for this loser. Perhaps it’s when it’s made to push the ball shocking button on itself (a Mean Girl favorite) LOL Needless to say, the girls will be entertained for a while!

- Princess Mia

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