Full Weight Ball Crushing

Our dumb slave is waiting back there with his balls literally tied to a cinder block for us to abuse. Take a look at these high heels that are going to be crushing them, haha! The closest thing to a "hug" that a slave gets around here at Mean Girl Manor is the full weight of our shoes applying excruciating pressure to his cock and balls as we walk all over them- literally. Oh, and dont worry about the red stuff that you see in this video, haha! Its all part of the ball abuse fun for me and Princess Carmela.

We have sooo much fun that Carmela changes shoes to get rid of the platform heels she had on in the beginning of the clip. She figured that the thinner the sole of her shoe, the more "intimate" the crush because the poor slave is sooo close to getting her bare foot on its cock and balls. It just makes the torture that much more fun for her. She even says in the clip that she can almost feel the grit of the stone scraping the skin of his nut sack as she twists her foot back and forth as she walks on those nuts! And for those of you that know Princess Carmela, you KNOW that she could not care LESS about the suffering of a slave! She will literally walk full-weight right over a stupid slave's ballsac in her stiletto without even giving it a second thought!

Goddess Nikkole

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