Goddess Tina's First BallBusting

Goddess Tina (my real-life cousin) has kicked a guy in the balls only ONE time in her whole life. She tells the story about it in the opening minute of this clip. But I just laugh and can't believe that she has ONLY kicked a guy in the balls ONCE! I brag that I kick losers in the balls WHENEVER I fucking feel like it!

Tina wants a demo, so I call out a slave to crawl over, spread its legs, and let us kick it in the balls as much as we want. The slave doesn't want to get kicked in the balls, but I don't give a fuck. It better not embarrass me in front of my cousin! So eventually I have it "stand at attention & spread 'em!" for us!

And from there, we basically just take turns destroying its balls. Tina has a ball. (Pun totally intended lol.) She can't believe that she can do this as much as she wants to losers whenever she want- AND get PAID for it too!

-Princess Carmela

***PS-  We also put some "super slo-mo" replays in this of the really good kicks!  So you can reeeaaally enjoy them in slo-mo!***