Goddess Venus' First Ball Bust

When Goddess Venus found out that she would have the opportunity to kick a slave in its balls, she could not contain her excitemnet! Theres just something so fun about bringing a loser to its knees after striking its nut sack over and over again. Princess Amber already has one of her ball kicking slaves set up for destruction! She shows Venus how to properly kick a slave so that it causes it LOTS OF PAIN, but wont send it to the hospital. (Its so annoying when a slave gets injured so badly that we have to cut the clip short... so we try to save the most severe beatings for the end of its "work week")

With a few demonstration kicks, Princess Amber feels confident that Goddess Venus will be a natural ball kicker! Goddess Venus takes her first kick to this beta's balls and immediately lights up! She honestly hasn't had this much fun in a while! Princess Amber and Goddess Venus go back and fourth kicking these balls as hard as they can (they're totally getting like a ball busting high!) Before the girls know it, this beta is begging for mercy and have no choice but to go drag another loser out to contiue their ball busting fun!

Little does that beta know that it WONT be getting a break, but instead there will be TWO losers to ball bust at the same time! hahahaha

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