Hazing Ugly Betty

The Mean Girl Manor is a status symbol.

If you’re considered A Mean Girl, then you KNOW you’re hot & popular. Recently we had gotten an application from this new girl wanting to join and be “one of us”. Know that we are HIGHLY selective of who we let in… not just any Betty can become a Mean Girl and live in the Manor. The girls and I had talked it over before letting this girl show up and “tryout” lol. Little did she know that we had other intentions than to accept her as one of us.

It wouldn’t be very on brand if we weren’t at least a LITTLE mean…… so we decide to give this ugly Betty false hope and HAZE HER! That’s right… we explain that she has to “earn” her way up to the top, and she can start by WORSHIPING our FEET LOL. Confused as ugly Betty was, she agrees to the ”process” because she’s SO DESPERATE to be a Mean Girl.

One by one, ugly Betty licks the shoes of all the Mean Girls while they talk about how hot and perfect they are… and how appreciative Betty should be for this opportunity! It’s not enough to just let Betty lick our feet…. She needs to be COMPLETELY vulnerable, so we strip her name and put a leash and collar on her, for “training” purposes (so we say) hahahahahaha

- Princess Amber

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