Hung and Whipped Without Conscience

We have had complaints about how we make slaves just stand their and let us beat them. Personally, we see it as a sign of their obedience that they will just let us beat them as much as we want without even needing to be restrained- they take it just because we TELL them to! But some of you want to see slaves RESTRAINED and HELPLESS- we get it.

So we had a new "slave pulley system" installed so that we could ratchet-up a slave and have it basically dangling at our mercy. And we decided to try it out on the fat slave. We figured if it could hoist HIS fat ass up, it could handle ANY slave we bring out here to Torment! LOL And Torment him, we Me n Carmela beat the FUCK out of it.

Until it is literally semi-conscious, dangling from the pulley. (Seriously- no joke. It was pretty much "out on its feet" haha.) Not sure if it was the beating, the strain of being hung from the ceiling by its wrists, or just the unbearable heat out in the hotbox of a garage of ours...but it was a wet sloppy mess of flesh by the time we got done beating it and dropped it to the ground at our feet.

***NOTE:  Seriously, if you watch the preview file closely you can even tell when at one point the slave is literally just dangling there, slowly spinning and totally limp and practically lifeless as Carmela beats it!  It was over 100 degrees the day we beat this fucker, and his fat ass probably wasn't used to hanging from his wrists as it takes its regular beatings either. Of course, Carmela just keeps beating it...HAHA I love how she doesn't give a FUCK about these losers when she beats the FUCK out of them!

-Goddess Platinum