Leg Fetish Forever

Have you ever watched those news ladies or weather girls on TV and wanted to give your life just to worship their legs. Well, I am so much above you and perfect that is no wonder you feel that way about me too. And I am so generous to actually let you have a video like this where you can stroke and hear my voice... telling you that I want a leg worshiper that I can own forever. That's right, I said forever. If you email me and show your devotion to me enough I will actually remember your name, haha. I you will be emailing me once every few days forever offering me you undying love! Let me undo these garters and slowly take off these sexy stockings with the Cuban heel. See how they slide right off so slowly and silky. Why don't you get started on your first One Handed essay to my thighs. I know you are stroking with the other hand honey, haha. I intend of giving you plenty of time to finish so we can move onto my calves and feet... one at a time. I can't wait to read your promises and list of things you are going to do for these legs. - Goddess Rodea