Losers Drink From My Feet

If you ever met me you would probably try to buy me some champagne... But I would only let you drink with me if you are in your proper place...At My FEET. You are foot fetish freak and only deserve to drink champagne off a goddesses feet. You might have thought you were cool for a second as you walked in with champagne for a nice evening with me but I returned you to a groveling foot slave in 5 seconds, haha! Pathetic!I was nice enough to include plenty of EXTREME CLOSEUPS of my feet and toes!This is another in the theme of a virtual date clip where you can pretend you are really here with me. I know you are too much of a loser to really have me, haha. So keep buying my videos you you can have an online girlfriend! Muah! As my boyfriend, we would sometime celebrate special occasions after a hard day at work. So tonight we are going to have some champagne and celebrate what a total loser you are! haha! Drink up!If you want to play along at home with some champagne, just make sure you have my wishlist open so when you get drunk I get presents, haha.