Meet My Slave And Shock It

So Princess Amber and Skylar are real-life "besties" and heard about the Mean Girl Compound from Amber's Aunt Platinum.  But they have never seen a real slave before.  (They didn't even think things like this really existed! LOL!)  So I had to show off a little bit and show them where I keep my real-life slave stored out in the garage- with a ballshocker attached to its nuts haha!The funny thing is, my slave haaaaates having its nuts shocked!  But Amber and Skylar don't know that.  They also don't know how much this things hurts my slave- and I don't care!  I think its funny to watch him jump and convulse in agony inside its cage.  (Its hands are cuffed behind its back too so it can't take the shocker off its balls!)  By the way, this is actually a dawwg shock collar made for BIG gawwgs to shock them through the thick fur on their necks- and we have it attached nice n tight on my slave's shaved balls! And we eventually crank it allll the way up to "15"!  (The highest setting possible!)

So we all basically take turns passing the remote around and shocking the shh1tt out of my slave's balls and laughing our asses off at its misery.  Amber and Skylar absolutely love it, of course.  Who wouldn't love making a slave jump and twitch in agony at the simple touch of a button??  They will be around here a lot, I think...


The best part is when I make my fool of a slave THANK Amber and Skylar for the shocks they are giving it and BEG them for more!  (Even though they know he really hates it haha!)  Skylar is the cruelest though- she makes my slave hit the "shock button" HIMSELF with his nose through the cage- so she is basically commanding him to tortuurre his own nuts while we all laugh at him!!


-Princess Carmela

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