Mesmerized and Mind Fucked

Well, which is it... Would you rather be Mesmerized or Mind Fucked? On the one hand if I mesmerized you I would have you wrapped around my little finger and it wouldn't be long before you dedicating all you own, and will ever own, to me. I could make you send me gifts and buy my videos for a start. But once it starts you can't stop it. How do you know it's not too late to back out before I take it to the next level? All along you think you can stop any time but here you are watching this video. Let's test this shall we? I have been mesmerizing you already during this video... so if you can really stop, all you have to do is hit stop and not watch the rest of this video. Well, go ahead... your still here huh? Well then I guess we have the answer.Perhaps you would rather be Mind Fucked instead of just mesmerized. And, who could blame you... I mean look at me... look at this ass and legs. Every time you look at me it's like you see my hair moving in slow motion on a shampoo commercial. How many times have you looked at my pictures and said to yourself that you would marry in a heartbeat. Just because you will never get the chance to marry me, or fuck me doesn't mean I can't fuck you over real good. Actually, I will have you begging to get royally fucked over by me because that's the way you like it, isn't it. Nice and hard, totally fucked... you want to be fucked up permanently, more permanently than marriage. The proof is right in front of you...You want to hear all the terrible things a girl in a video will do to you and you can't stop watching. Well Congratulations, you made it to the end of the video because you couldn't help it. And you know there are more videos and that you can order custom videos. You know you can spend the rest of your life devoted to me and email me begging for custom clips. This is our relationship.. Our Mind Fucked relationship, because this is what you wanted.- Goddess Rodea