My Pay Day Slave

It's simple work- I DON'T. You work for ME and EVERY single payday you hand that cash over to ME!Whether you are slaving away for 40, 50 or even 80 hours a week I don't care. Whether it be all your earnings from the two jobs you juggle, I DON'T CARE! As soon as that money hits your bank account you don't even get to touch it. Not you, not your family- not anyone but ME. I deserve it- you DON'T!I don't care if you and your entire family all have to go without food to make sure my greed is fed. And you WILL sit there and THANK Me while I snatch that cash into my greedy little perfectly manicured hands and laugh at you while telling you how I will be spending your hard earned cash frivolously like it means nothing to Me. because it DOESN'T. I have at least a dozen of you losers handing Me your paychecks every Friday just so I can spend it like water. LOL.It's easy for Me. its PAYDAY for ME.