Real ***out

I was using this slave as my personal human footstool and watching TV when a news show came on about women in the military. Can you BELIEVE this idiot had the NERVE to say that women don’t belong in the military?? He said he “chooses” to be my slave “because I’m hot” but I could never “really overpower” him! And without physical strength, women shouldn’t be in the military. (Has he SEEN my muscular, powerful thighs?? OMFG…) I am sooo pissed. He needs to be taught a lesson.

So I kick him down onto the floor and wrap my legs around his neck. I use all my leg strength on the big-mouthed slave's neck using a scissor hold. Uh, have you seen my thighs??? I ask him. And when I say I used my strength I mean I really ***d this slave HARD. Watch my whole body flex as I squeeze him in a figure 4 and other scissor hold positions. This clip actually would have been longer but the slave quit! haha!

Seriously, the slave’s face IMMEDIATELY turns beet-red as soon as I clamp down on him and it looks like his head is about to pop. Spit drools out of his mouth. He is like totally ready to pass out from the pain LOL. He literally BEGS me for mercy within minutes haha!! I guess it has newfound respect for its MASTER!

-Princess Carmela