The Slave Gauntlet

The slaves have to run a gauntlet of pain composed of an all-star cast of Mean Girls! Featuring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela, Princess Aria, Goddess Harley, and Queen Kasey! The slaves start at one end of the gauntlet and have to crawl past all of the Mean Girls each one holding a whip, crop, or other instrument to beat the slaves. Some of the Mean Girls have a whip in each hand so the blows rain down upon the slaves’ non-stop. As soon as one slave goes through the next is sent in just behind him like cars going through an automatic car wash. Except when they make it to the end they have to right back through again! By the time they make it through each station of the gauntlet they are covered in welts and marks from the whippings and beatings. If that wasn’t painful enough they Mean Girls also kick the slaves in the ribs and jam them with the points of their high heels. The slaves are reduced to a trembling mess before it’s all over. This is a great clip to buy because the action is non-stop and it has an expanded all-star cast you don’t get in other clips. It’s always more fun when a whole group of Mean Girls is abusing the slaves together. They are always egging each other on to be even more brutal!

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