Spin Again Ballbust

Princess Carmela and Princess Ashley make the slave play a game called “spin again ballbust”. The slave is standing in front of them legs spread wide hands behind his back. The girls will spin the wheel with all the random numbers on it and whatever number comes up is the number of times they get to kick the slave in his balls. Princess Ashley and Princess Carmela takes turns spinning the wheel and kicking the slave in his balls switching back and forth with one spinning and one kicking. As soon as a number comes up the kicks are delivered without delay and the wheel is immediately spun again. There is no rest for the slave unless it lands on “stop” and even then he only gets 30 seconds before they spin the wheel again. The only way for the ballbusting to end is for the wheel to land on zero but with the slave’s luck it seems like that may never happen and the ballbusting will go on forever.

The slave in this video actually likes getting ballbusted so this one has more of a fun tone to it as compared to some punishment ballbusting videos. Spinning the ballbusting wheel is a lot of fun for the Princesses. Princess Carmela and Princess Ashley love it when the wheel lands on a high number like “10” and they clap their hands together with excitement looking forward to giving the slave ten kicks in a row. If it lands on a low number they make sure the ball kicks are extra hard to make up for the low number.