Trample Torture

The slave is in for the mom of all trample sessions as he has six different Mean Girls all waiting to trample him. Princess Bella is the first to start and she may be the smallest and lightest but she makes up for it by literally jumping up and down on the slaves midsection like it was a trampoline!

Meanwhile Queen Casey has her foot on the slaves face the entire time as if its face is nothing more than a footrest to her while she watches the action.  It really is like slaves are just nothing more than "things" to be abused and walked all over at Mean Girl Manor.  And Princess Carmela is smashing the slaves balls over and over with her spiked boots. When Princess Bella finishes, each of the other Mean Girls takes a turn stomping around on the bitch at their feet, and they all trample the slave without mercy. Stepping in his most sensitive spots, bouncing up and down, balancing on one foot at a time, and jabbing the slave’s balls with their high heels until his ballsack is literally leaking the red stuff.

As rough as each of the Mean Girls has been to slaves in videos individually, you have to see the "grand finale" when all the Mean Girls trample him at the same time! Including the amazon Goddess Harley! The slave is literally sobbing by the end and honestly lucky to have survived. And all The Mean Girls do is laugh and walk it is nothing to them.  This is one of the best trample clips ever as you get six different Mean Girls in one clip!

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