Under American Mean Girls: Nonstop Trample Agony

We have something special for you losers today that you TOTALLY dont deserve. We had our video editing slave to go over 100s of hours of past footage to make a clip of nothing but THE BEST TRAMPLING MOMENTS under Our heels. The thing is a lot of the Mean Girls are going on vacation this summer and we want all you losers to get rock hard and horny so you send us lots of money for our trips. So to do that we made this special compilation clip, nothing but the best trampling is here so you defiantly want to check it out. We wear a bunch of really sharp sexy heels and walk and sometimes even JUMP on our slaves to cause them the most pain imaginable, HAHA. And also tell us if you like the clip and maybe we will make more of these kind of videos. OMG, we are so fuckin nice to you losers you better make it up to us with lots of gift cards and tributes LOL.