Real Ball Yanking

Someone needs to tell this slave that I don't let just anyone kiss my little sisters boots THAT easily!  You gotta EARN the right just to kiss Princess Beverly's boots!  Earn it with PAIN! Haha!

So watch him go a head and try to get close to her boots while I practically pull his balls off as I drag him away- just to listen to how much he will BEG just to kiss her boots. PATHETIC. 

Oh and I am not talking about little tugs on his balls either! I mean I am literally dragging this big slave back across the damn floor with this rope tied to his nuts! Its amazing how much control you can have over a slave - no matter how big he is - IF you control his balls! Haha.

And since, it looks so fun and I am training my little sister how to make as much CA$H as me, we switch it up and I let HER yank the slaves balls for a while too! Watch stupid ass try to lick MY boots while my sister holds him back! And if we decide that he has suffered enough, I will actually let him lick the dirt off the bottom of my high heel black boots! Muah!

Its so funny to me and my sister that our COMBINED age probably isnt as much as this old loser- and yet we have COMPLETE control over him!! And that is like SO hot to us for some reasonwe were totally laughing our asses off about it later as we watched this video! :)

-Goddess Rodea