Legs Of Perfection


My legs are PERFECT- and we both KNOW it. That's WHY I am "Princess Perfection"! Download this clip just so you can drool over them, loser- because that is as close as you will ever get to them. LOL! I want to see how many of you download this- just so I can laugh at you. Don't worry, I will talk directly to you- in the clip anyway. Who wants to be a slave for My legs...?? :)

-Princess Perfection

Blackmailed By Popular Girlz


We have decided that we want to USE and profit from financial slaves- and that we want to LOCK THEM IN so they HAVE to pay when we tell them to! We will be NICE however and give you the ability to set a "limit" of how MUCH we can take from you each month. And we promise won't go over it. BUT you BETTER fucking give it to us when we demand it!! No matter WHAT. Or ELSE...

Cuz if you follow our steps in this clip we WILL ruin you if you don't do as we order you to! Can you imaging getting a call from a "blocked number" on a Saturday night and its US (Me or Princess Perfection) on the other end laughing at you and demanding you send Us Our tribute for this month??? OMG you would probably sh*tt your pants wouldn't you, piggy? LOL.

***(Clip includes Our direct personal contact info and how to become our blackmailed pay-pig!!)***

Goddess Alexis Explains Footslaves to Queen Farah


Queen Farah is getting the biggest kick out of this "intro to Femdom" she is getting from Goddess Alexis. In this clip, Goddess explains to the Queen how her FEET (of all things!) can completely control slaves...and make them do whatever she wants. They laugh about how pathetic that is. And then they take their hot boots off first, and then slowly peel off their sweaty socks and stockings off to show their feet to the footslaves at home - like YOU - behind their computer and talk directly to you...telling you how pathetic you are while they wiggle their toes right in your face and just LAUGHING at how you are actually jerking off to their FEET!

Introducing Goddess Gabriella


This is my first meeting & interview with Gabriella. I like to do this to talk to them about dominating men and using them as slaves before we shoot any clips. It's interesting to hear their reaction when they find out that this is REAL and that they really can get PAID for beatin on, abusing, and walking all over loser submissive men! :)
Oh, and by the way, she DEMANDS to be called "GODDESS Gabriella" by ALL losers, slaves, and footboys! HAHA. I call her the "Persian Princess" though. (She is Persian and definitely revels in being bowed down and WORSHIPPED like royalty by men!) We discuss this in the interview, how in her culture men do not treat women well. How women are supposed to be "submissive" toward males. (Ugh!)

And how women are even commonly abused in her middle-eastern culture. So now she sees this as her opportunity for REVENGE and to take out her AGGRESSION on males! SHE will be the one doing the "USING & ABUSING" now!!!

We even discuss kicking males in the BALLS- which she seems to really look forward to! I have actually never met a girl that was this EXITED to get to abuse men! LOL! I think she will be back here with us Mean Girls often! ;)

-Queen Kasey

You Want To Cum On My Feet? (POV)


This is Goddess Randi, and that's right- I'm BACK, losers! Did you miss Me? LOL. I am back in My rightful place on MY pink throne! Plan on seeing a lot more of Me around here because I am coming back to run sh*t around here and help My mom use and abuse OUR slaves. :) We are such a mean Mommie and daughter team...LOL!

In this clip I am wearing My fur coat and HOT latex bikini underneath along with some new high heel booties some slave bought Me... I completely tease you while I sit on My throne up above you and you KNEEL before Me. I allow you to stroke for Me- in fact, I COMMAND it! But you are not allowed to cum! Not without MY permission! Eventually you beg enough and I STAND and let My fur coat DROP and fall to the floor at My perfect feet. You can hardly stand it, can you?? HAHAHA!!! You want to cum SOOOO bad, don't you, loser?? TOO BAD! I want to tease you some more!

So eventually I slip My PERFECT feet out of My leather stiletto boots - they are SOOO sweaty from wearing them without any socks! LOL! Awwww...you are going CRAZY now, aren't you??? Poor pathetic little thing... Especially since we ALL know I have the MOST PERECT FEET on all of C4S!!! I wave them in front of your face....

Do I LET you cum for Me??? WATCH THE VIDEO, BITCH!

-Goddess Randi

You're Too Fat To Even Be AROUND Us!


Spoiled bratty rich Princesses Mya & Heidi think it's HILARIOUS that you think you could EVER go out with THEM! LOL!

In this clip they talk about how DISGUSTING they think you are and how GROSS all fat people are to them!

They really really go off too...even talking about how they would put you on a "fat pig slave diet" where they make you come into the restaurant, kneel next to their table where they are eating with all their hot girlfriends- and not give you a SINGLE BITE of food! They are going to STARVE you until you're not so F*CKING GROSS & FAT to them! Oh, but they ARE going to throw the check at you and make you pay for it when it comes- and laugh at you- right in front of their friends! LOL!

GoddessNO- Legs Of A GODDESS & The Invisible Man (FULL HD)


You are SO fucking lucky...you just had a dream come true- you are INVISIBLE and inside your GODDESS'S apartment. She just came walking through the door after a long day walking around in her stockings and heels and sits on the couch and starts playing with her shoes and feet.

And because you are INVISIBLE, you can crawl right up to her stockinged feet and get as clooose to them as you possibly can without touching her...BUT BE QUIET!! Or she will hear you!!

All you can do is stare at her stockinged feet and get close enough to try to quietly sniff them without her hearing you...

You are SO lucky to be able to just kneel there and stare at the LEGS OF A GODDESS without her knowing...


***you get so close that in HD you can see every stitch in Her stockings!!! You can practically SMELL them...***